Greenville Goldens

Dr and Mrs Ayers DVM​Nashville, TN

Yamira and Family SC

​ Stepp family ​NC

 We love her! 

Nashville, TN

Dr. Marcia DVM


Stephanie & Family SC

Christian &family

Columbia SC

Taylor family

Belton, SC

Honea Path, SC



Hello Mr. Joe, I just wanted to share some pictures of my little Maci with you. She is the sweetest puppy and she is so quiet and never barks. I lost my dog of 17years only 2days after getting Maci and it was nice to have her to help get over the pain. Thank you for allowing us to purchase her. She is very loved by my family. 

Trent and Family


​Greenwood, SC

Easley, SC


Taylors, SC

Williamston, SC

Tony and Sarah

Ocala, FL

Seavers Family 

Myrtle Beach, SC

Eaisest dog ever to house train. Since the day we brought him home, he has had 3 accidents in the house. That was in the first 10 days and none since then!!!