Yes we are selling our dog soap bar in a big bar for HORSES!  Same wonderful-easy-to-reach-all-areas cleansing bar.  Can't ever get enough soap in the concaved flank area? How about the girth? Between the hind quarters? This is the soap for you. Added is a wonderful scrubbie sack which also hangs to dry and your bar will last even longer!

8oz bar $10 plus shipping

With dogs and puppies all over our 12 acres we know what it is like to have dirt ground into matierial. This laundry detergent is amazing! With no fillers and all soap you will be thrilled to see the results on your dirtiest doggie beds and rugs.  Always color test on corner of material. Safe for humans.     2 tablspoons per load, not kidding!   (packaging may differ from pictures)

$8.80 12 loads

$17.00 28 loads

Puppy and Dog body soap. This is an all natural soap safe for puppies and humans! this is a no spill, last longer, reach all areas treasure in a soap. Try is and you will never go back.   (Coloring and shape may differ from picture)

1 bar 4oz $5.00 plus shipping

The latest trend in the dog world: Jewlery! These necklaces are so stunning on your pup you will be sure to remember this little accessory every time you head out for a walk.  You will even notice your pup walking with their head up higher!

$15.00 plus shipping

Greenville Goldens