Greenville Goldens

Feeding: Puppies are on Purina Puppy Chow, we recommend not altering this diet for at least 1week, then transition the following week to your feeding preference with a mixture of this and your new choice. DO NOT FEED GRAIN FREE, it causes enlarged hearts in canines

Worming: All puppies/dogs come in contact with dirt, manure, and unfortunately parasites, this is part of raising animals.  Make sure when going for your vet exams ask your veterinarian to do a fecal checkas well as direct  you in what is best for your pet in the future worming process. 

Flea/Tick: we recommend Frontline drops on the back or Capstar oral. Do your research on oral treatments, Some are being linked with seisures.

GOLDENDOODLES: brush 3x/wk at least, trim coats 6-8 weeks, 1-2" is a great length. Also ask about possible ear hair care

ALL BREEDS: Hip dysplasia is being linked to a dog’s environment more so than genetics! Change puppy food to adult dog food at 6 months; possibly incorporate adult food in daily puppy food between 4-6 months. Excessive protein can be the problem, especially for Golden Retrievers. No excessive jumping and ball fetching, even avoiding excessive stair use.  Go for walks letting your pup stay on grass as much as possible, low joint impact. Keep your walks short: around the block no problem, but miles are not advantageous. All of these are good guides for puppies thru 18months. Keeping your puppy trim in weight is also a big factor in joint issues. Spay and neuter too early is also being linked to hip dysplasia(we recommend after 1yr some studies suggest 1.5-2yrs). Do your research and check with your vet. Make educated decisions, your pups long happy life depends on it.