A diverse family farm with doggies on our mind!

We offer puppies from our GoldenDoodle, Golden Retriever, and Poodle lines at our 12 acre farm in the hills of Honea Path, SC.

With our puppy lines we want to pass on the idea that these breeds are more than family dogs, they are great hunting dogs and homestead livestock dogs! On top of this list of qualifications, their intuitive loyalty makes them in demand  for many dealing with PTSD

Our healthy conformmationaly

sound dogs have been recommended by veternarians from TN, NC, and SC after their puppy search brought them to purchase our Greenville Goldens. Beacuse of our background and years of satisfied customers it is easy for us to offer a full 100% 6 month guarantee!


We also are available throughout your puppies life to take your call for answers to your questions, to get advice, and to learn the latest in puppy/dog care.

Our farm is open to you to visit. Call for an appointment to meet the parents, meet us, and pick your puppy!

Vita Family Farm

Greenville Goldens