Here at Greenville Goldens we understand that early puppy stage isn't for everyone and while we are here with puppy take home advice and we are available to answer questions throughout your puppy's life, we also offer one step more. If you would like to leave your puppy with us for extra handling training, we have 1-3 month training packages. This allows the puppy more maturing time, learning basic commands, while also getting a grasp on housebreaking. If this is something you are interested in contact us for pricing and schedules. This is only available to our home raised puppies prior to leaving our farm. Below are some examples of puppies that stayed for some extra handling.

At Greenville Goldens we want the easiest transition to your home as possible. We start all our puppies with ENS training and Biosensor training (age appropriate desensitization and socialization training), making puppies as accomplished and brave as they can in their short time with us. At 8 weeks puppies will also be on a sleep schedule with excellent crate training experience. Here are some videos showing some of their handling while growing with us.


Our top priority in raising dogs, outside of perfect health and temperament, is wanting families blessed with our dogs! In order to meet your needs, we have to consider our mama and daddy dogs. Just like we stated above, not all families want to handle the challenges of an 8-week-old puppy and not all families desire to have a young dog either. This is where our trained retiring parents can come into play. With this in mind, and the health of our parents, we keep our number of litters per parent to a minimum, retire them young, and send them home as well socialized companion/therapy dogs.

Below are some examples of mothers that have already retired to their forever families.

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